Finding your ideal office

A new office has the potential to transform your company by attracting and retaining the best people and improving productivity and profits. The key to achieving a successful office acquisition lies in the preparation. My role is to educate you within a very small timeframe on what I have learnt over 25 years. The sole purpose of this is to get you comfortable with my advice and ultimately your decisions.

I will help you to identify and prioritise your requirements in order to develop your brief. The brief is the foundation of a successful search and should help you to focus on your present working practices and culture. It should communicate your business objectives, timescales and financial plans for the short, medium and long term. It should cover corporate, workforce and operational objectives.

From the outset I will be able to advise you on whether your financial aspirations are realistic and whether your time frames are achievable within the context of the marketplace. In the early stages of the process I will be endeavouring to provide you with a ‘crash course’ in what is available in the market and what the true occupational costs will be, for example: rent, rates and service charge, where you need to go for cheaper space, where you need to go for the space you like.

I will be looking to partner with you to achieve the following milestones within your timescale and your budget:

  • Appoint your leader/team
  • Develop the brief
  • Engage a fit-out partner
  • Undertake a workplace study
  • Shortlist properties that match your criteria
  • Select the building
  • Undertake surveys
  • Agree Heads of Terms
  • Finalise office design and furniture options
  • Sign the lease
  • Commence fit-out
  • Move in


Your office move will require a considerable amount of planning and finding the office that is right for you is a process of deduction. Ultimately there is no substitute for viewing properties. At each of the stages listed above I will be able to bring all of my experience into play. I will provide you with all relevant contacts to ensure the smooth running of the process, for example: structural engineer, workplace study consultant, architect, lawyer, IT consultant and fit-out/furniture specialist.

I pride myself in negotiating terms rather than brokering a deal. I am fully aware of all incentives available in today’s market such as rent free/capital contributions/ service charge caps. I will undertake a considerable amount of research as to the appropriate rental level to be agreed. In addition I not only concern myself with the high level financials but also the risk management of your company’s exposure over the life of the lease, for example: the rent review, the dilapidations, the use clause and the alienation provisions.

I will guide you on when to start your search given my knowledge of supply and demand and will pre-agree with you the tactics to be employed throughout the process.

Most importantly I will advise you when not to do a deal.